About the artist

Galway, Ireland, 2017

Shane O’Malley is among a leading group of contemporary artists who have emerged from Ireland’s vibrant graffiti subculture, to work in the mediums of paint, murals and art installations. Originally from Navan, Shane now resides in Galway city and has exhibited and painted nationally and internationally.

He is interested in the themes of identity, mental and emotional health, journey and self-hood. He has developed a unique visual language using bold colour and simple geometric shapes to communicate challenging concepts.


“Since I was a kid, language always interested me, how words are defined. The experience of relating them back to ourselves is subjective and is shaped by the human condition.

When I was drawn as a teenager to express myself through Graffiti – creating letters and characters, which go against the grain, and visual communications-logos and typography, which flow with the grain of society, both are a tool, both have a purpose and communicate using a visual language. How people react to them always interested me.

I work now with geometric shapes (defined by math) and primary colours (subjective to the viewer) as the basis of my visual language, re-interpreting theories on art by Seurat, Kandinsky and Albers. The aim of my work is communicate the human condition and connect to the viewers own experiences, to be heard. to be seen.”


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