Using Art to Transform spaces

  I love getting the chance to transform spaces with my art. Its great especially when you connect with people who get what you create. Pam is one of those people. She has shown me a lot of support and I was delighted when she approached me to paint a small mural at the front of…

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Developing self awareness

  For some reason some of my best ideas come from waking from an intense dream, in the 20 mins of waking and adjusting to a new reality ideas take hold. In the dream I was being chased, in danger, home a place of safety was being threatened. I read somewhere Dali got his inspiration…

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Talking about Mental Health

I wrote this in September of 2016, it was very freeing to open up about My Mental Health Struggles. – Dear Shane of 3 years ago. Well done. You are where you wanted to be and it’s awesome. Your brave steps were worth it. Thank you for having faith and believing in yourself. You were…

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