Create My Identity

Derry, Northern Ireland, 2016

Taking influence from the Chinese proverb ‘Hear no evil, see to evil, speak no evil’, this installation explored how graffiti and art in public spaces can influence people.

The work shows faces and different facial expressions, looking at the idea of shaping identities and how an external stimulus may affect the internal process of forming a self-image. The project curated by U.V. Arts involved a street art mural as well as the installation at the Playhouse Gallery in Derry, further mirroring the concept of the internal and the external.


“I wanted to explore how Graffiti, Religion and Advertising had shaped me as a teenager. How people had created my understanding of my experiences.

The rotating box (my identity) had 4 sides (My reactions) asking the viewer to choose my reaction to the murals message. A yellow face (happy),  a red face (anger), a blue face (mask) and a mirror (reflecting the idea back). “

Creating the Exhibition

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