Home My Realisation

Galway, 2016

Home, My Realisation, a major, solo, show, opened in Galway on culture night 2016. The exhibition explored the theme of ‘Home’ and reflected on longing, memory, and the centrality of personal origins to an individual’s life.

The artist diversified his practice to include light sculptures for this exhibition and one of the larger pieces, ‘Hiraeth’, was subsequently displayed in a city centre location for a month after the exhibition.

“Light is home and I am colour. I was drawn to use Light as it is at the core of what makes up colour. Home is at the core of me.  Understanding where I come from helps me to move forward. The colour on the canvases are reflections of light, like home and its memories are a reflection of me, now.”

Photos courtesy of Julia Dunin Photography

Video of the show

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